Laxson Provisions

Purveyors of fine quality meats and cheeses

Since 1935

At Our Factory

We adhere to the highest quality standards in our USDA inspected facility. Our family recipes go back generations and provide only the highest quality and most authentic flavors.

Our facility is open to the public if you’re interested in picking up our chorizo, barbacoa, or sausages for your next family gathering or cookout.

We stand by our products by putting the Laxson family name on them and each handmade batch is personally approved before it goes out the door.

Try us today! We know you’ll love it.


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Our Story


We use an artisan batch process to create all of our meat products. Each batch is lovingly crafted to ensure the highest quality standards are met. 

Our culinary experts from purchasing to processing have decades of industry experience. Our employees are local in the San Antonio area so they understand and craft products based on local preferences.

Learn more about our history below!


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Used to live in San Antonio, delicious meats, FAVORITE BREAKFAST TACOS EVER!!!!!

hfzyhpnk1oc James Zabel

Great product! Great Prices!


Daniela Mesa


Let Us Serve You

Cheese and Deli Meats Also Available!

Stop by and choose from our selection of delicious deli meats and cheeses as well!

Custom Orders

Birthdays, anniversaries, and more are no problem for us. Call us in advance and we can make sure we have the right products to meet your needs.

Check out some of our delicious recipe ideas for inspiration on how to incorporate Laxson products into all of your meals!


Delicious Recipes Here!


Laxson Provisions

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